The Āgama Research Group [ARG] at the Department of Buddhist Studies’ Library and Information Center of the Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts (formerly Dharma Drum Buddhist College) is a special interest group with a shared research focus on the comparative study of early Buddhist thought and texts (the āgamas or received ‘canonical texts’), including Discourse (sutta/sūtra) and Vinaya literature.

The ARG was formally constituted in the autumn of 2012, growing out of long-term friendship and collaboration among its core members that comprise academics based at or affiliated with the Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts. These include philologically trained scholars who specialise in early Buddhist philology and experts in computational linguistics.

The ARG’s vision as an academic community is informed by the intention to support the dialogue between traditional and text-critical / text-historical learning – the study of the Dharma, and the study of ‘Buddhism’. The ARG is at the same time dedicated to collaborative research between textual scholars and scholars of the digital humanities, and it is devoted to fostering exchange between Taiwanese and international scholarship.

The ARG has a long-term plan of research, academic seminars and publications and is committed to making its work-in-progress digitally available, ensuring timely and free web access to their research results and publications.

From 2015, the ARG is supported by the Fundación Bodhiyāna (Argentina) and the Bodhiyāna Buddhist Education Foundation (Canada).

阿含經研究小組 (Āgama Research Group),隸屬法鼓文理學院(前身為:法鼓佛教學院)之圖書資訊館,是一著重於早期佛教思想、佛典 (阿含經 Āgamas)、律典(毗奈耶Vinaya)比較研究的特別研究小組。




自2015年起,阿含經研究小組之運作由菩提乘佛教教育基金會(Bodhiyāna Buddhist Education Foundation, 加拿大)所資助。